Checkers Gameboard with Shot Glasses Instead of Checkers Pieces


Compared to chess, checkers is a game that ends faster. On top of that, it’s also easier to play as it doesn’t require much of a strategy, unlike chess. Which is why I think that a drinking game that involves checkers is a lot more fun compared to chess.

However, I don’t think any checkers drinking game can be more fun compared to this. It’s a checkers gameboard that is made out of glass and instead of checkers pieces, there are shot glasses.

Considering you are the player, for every shot glass that you defeat, your opponent will have to do the shot from the shot glass that you defeated and put it aside. When the game is ended and there are still shot glasses on the gameboard, you will have to drink the remaining shots of the opponent and the opponent will have to do the same with your remaining shots.

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