Congratulations Greeting Card That Moans When Opened


Do you want to kill two birds with one stone by wishing someone congratulations and at the same time pranking that someone? This congratulations greeting card is the solution.

When this greeting card is opened, there is a mysterious button on the inside which can be pushed. If the person pushed on the button, a woman will moan loudly as if she is having the best sexual intercourse of her life. And if the button is pushed again, she will moan even louder.┬áThe only way to get her to stop moaning is by ripping the card into pieces – by ripping it into pieces, not only does she stop moaning, but there will be glitters coming out of the card.

However, if the person does not know how to get her to stop moaning, she will continue to moan until the battery runs out of juice – which is around 4 hours (continuously). So let’s just hope the person finds his/her way on how to get the woman to stop moaning or otherwise you can forget the relationship you are having with him/her.

Btw, you can also have the seller of this greeting card to send it for you anonymously.