Convenient Reading Light


Reading is fun. However, with the number of people in this world, reading can sometimes be impossible – simply because there are too many noises around.

The only way to read peacefully is at night when most people are asleep. However, even this cannot be possible at times because of the absence of proper lighting or when that certain someone in your room keeps telling you to turn off the lights.

With this convenient reading light by Energizer, you can wave goodbye to all possible threat for you to read peacefully at night. Simply clip it onto your book and turn it on. The light will only shine to the valuable words that belong to the pages of the book. In fact, it actually enhances the reading experience compared to a normal lamp as you get to eliminate all distracting elements around you and only focus on the book.

This reading light is extremely lightweight and it also flexes to allow you to shine the light precisely where it’s supposed to be shined. The lights can be kept on for up to 25 hours straight which is a feature that comes in handy for books that you just can’t put down.

Batteries included.