Cool Coca-Cola Glass Straw Dispenser


If you collect Coca-Cola stuff such as limited-edition Coca-Cola bottles, limited-edition Coca-Cola cans, limited-edition Coca-Cola refrigerator, limited-edition Coca-Cola flavored condoms and etc, you are going to love this. It’s a Coca-Cola straw dispenser that’s made out of thick glass. And it has a chrome-plated metal lid that just makes the whole thing look like it’s from a diner in the 60s.

When the chrome-plated metal lid is lifted, the straws will emerge like a blooming flower. And yes, the white and red Coca-Cola themed straws are also included (there are 125 of them). And yes, once the straws are finished, you can fill it up with the straws you normally use (it even works with paper straws). And in case you are wondering, it measures 28cm tall.