Cool Digital Clock


Do you know what’s worrying? A digital clock nowadays can be so complicated when the main purpose of it is just to tell the time.

Nowadays you get a digital clock with various alarm settings, multiple time zone settings, there are some that have voice control and much more unnecessary stuff.

It’s hard to find a digital clock that has basic settings like this one. It’s a simple yet cool looking digital clock that tells the time and screams when the alarm goes off. That’s all it does. Of course, there’s also a button to snooze it and adjust the brightness of the display. But my main argument is that it’s not too complicated unlike the ones manufactured these days.

Anyways, if you are interested in this clock, you can purchase it using the button below. It will take you to its official page on Amazon. From there you will be able to choose from eight different color options; black case + white digit, black case + green digit, wood tone case + red digit, black case + orange digit, black case + blue digit, white case + blue digit, white case + white digit and black case + red digit.