Cool Suspenders with Neon Lighting


Trust me, if you wear one of these suspenders to a party, everyone will be asking you where you got it from. And some will envy you for looking finer than Elvis Presley on stage.

It can be worn by both guys and girls as the strap is adjustable. It has three neon lighting mode; always on, fast blinking and slow blinking. And it is capable of staying on up to 12 hours straight – this way you can party all night long and till the sun comes up without worrying that it will go off.

It makes use of two CR2032 batteries to get the neon lights to work. Fortunately, the batteries are included.

Note: You might also want to check out this cool bow tie with neon lighting in case you want to party with a cool bow tie instead. Or, you can wear them both! 😉