Cooling Towel


If you are a person who likes to work out or a person who spends a lot of time doing outdoor activities such as fishing, gardening or construction activities, you should definitely give this cooling towel a try.

It’s a small towel that’s supposed to be placed around your neck as it keeps your neck cool.

How it works is that the towel should be made wet by either hot or cold water and the towel will absorb and retain a certain amount of the water to keep it 30 degrees cool for 3 – 4 hours time. The best part about it is that although the towel is made wet, it will immediately be dried after a couple of minutes as the towel is made using hyper-evaporative material.

It’s available in ten different colors; black, deep purple, green, orange, yellow, hot pink, sand, sky blue, varsity blue, and US flag.