Cute and One of a Kind Penguin Door Stopper


Most door stoppers slide underneath the door and hold the door in place. And most of them are made out of rubber material.

This is one of a kind. It’s made out of polyester and it looks like a penguin. Anyone in their right mind would question how it works.

Well, this penguin door stopper is heavy-weighted. As a result, you can put it beside the door and the door will not close shut even if there is a strong wind. The idea of it is to work as a door stopper and at the same time be a decorative element in your home.

This seller also sells other designs in case penguins does not interest you. There’s a brown bear, a brown cat, a brown dog, a checkered fox and a handful more which you should see for yourself and go awww!

It can also be used as a bookend.

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