Cute Bubble Tea Night Light


Most people think that bubble tea is some sort of healthier option compared to can drinks. Which is why they drink it regularly. And I’m one of those people too until I came across this article by CNA which contains research that proves the amount of sugar in a 500ml bubble tea cup is greater than the amount of sugar in a can of Coke. In fact, it’s three times greater!

So, I think it’s about time to cut down on bubble tea drinking. One way to do it is by purchasing this bubble tea night light.

You might be wondering, how on earth a bubble tea night light is capable of cutting down on your bubble tea drinking. Well, it helps you peacefully sleep on it whenever your bubble tea cravings emerge. You can stare at the soothing light and the way it’s smiling back at you and slowly fall asleep.

Btw, the pearls on the inside of this night light actually move when you lift it and gently shake it. 

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