Cute Minion Indoor Surveillance Camera


For me, a surveillance camera is not really on top of my list. This is because I’m living in a condominium that is well guarded with security guards and there’s a police station located right beside it. However, whenever I go back to my hometown (to visit my parents who live in a suburban area), I very much feel insecure with the area. This is because the police station is miles away and the surroundings are too quiet. And there are a few cases of robbery that took place in some houses that are not too far away from my parents’ house. Which is why I got them to install surveillance cameras and the alarm system just so they could sleep soundly and also for me to not worry about them too much when I’m not visiting.

Speaking of the surveillance cameras, I had them install it both outdoors and indoors. If I knew this minion indoor surveillance camera existed before they installed it, I would definitely get them to install this instead. It’s cute and it works similar to the real deal (it has night vision and it has an app to monitor the footage in real-time from anywhere). And I think it’s better using this considering that no one would have guessed that it’s a surveillance camera at first glance.

I also like the Minion translator feature on this thing. This camera has two-way audio which allows me to use the app to communicate the person on the other end of the camera (for when I’m not at home), I can enable the Minion translator feature so that my voice sounds like a Minion to the other person. Cute eh?