Cute Vintage Bluetooth Speaker


If you are feeling retro and feel the need to get your hands on something that is equally retro, you are going to love this retro Bluetooth speaker. It can also be called a vintage Bluetooth speaker – whatever ticks you.

Although it is not a Bluetooth speaker that is high quality and packed with amazing battery life like this Tribit XSound Go, this speaker does deliver clear and crisp sound. Battery wise, it is capable of playing up to 3 hours non-stop. Not bad eh?

Other features include a built-in mic which allows you to answer calls on your phone and speak through the speaker instead of your phone. And in terms of Bluetooth connectivity, it is capable of receiving signals from your smartphone up to 10 feet away.

In my opinion, the features are something that belongs to an average Bluetooth speaker, however, what stands out with it is the colors and design. For instance, the volume knob which has been made to look like an actual vintage speaker. Then there are the buttons and the speaker grill which just makes sense.

It is available in six different colors; flamingo pink, ivory white, olive green, sky blue, wooden and carbon black.