Donald Trump Toilet Brush with a Roll of Donald Trump Toilet Paper


How much do you hate Donald Trump? Is the hate that is built-up enough for you to think of washing your toilet bowl or wiping your butt with his face? If yes, then you are going to need this Donald Trump toilet brush and toilet paper.

The Donald Trump toilet brush features a Donald Trump comic statue at the end of it and his hair is the brush. So, every time you clean your toilet bowl, you get the satisfaction of rubbing Donald Trump down and in the nook and cranny of your toilet bowl.

But, that’s not all. The seller of this Donald Trump toilet brush also included a 250 sheets toilet tissue paper that has Donald Trump’s face printed on each sheet. This way, every time you wipe your butt, you get to see Donald Trump’s face smeared with your very own poo. That’s what satisfaction is all about, isn’t it?