Double-Decker Car-Carrying Trailer Toy That’s Made Out Of 100% Recycled Plastic


If your little one likes pushing vehicles around, he/she is going to love this double-decker car-carrying trailer toy.

Although it is cheap and made using recycled materials, it has been well-designed and well-developed. For instance, the carrier can move around 180 degrees and also, it can be easily detached.

The whole thing feels durable too! In fact, it is durable! Your little one can throw it hard on the floor, play crash with other vehicles or whatever and nothing will happen to it.

Other than that, it also comes with three mini cars. The three mini cars can be loaded at the top and the bottom level of the carrier (bottom level can fit one car and top level can fit two cars). And yes, there is a slope that can be slide out to enable the mini cars to be loaded at the top level.

It’s really one cool, affordable and eco-friendly toy to gift your little one. He/she will definitely love it.