Easy and Portable Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Nitro cold brew coffee is something new in the coffee industry. It is smooth and creamy similar to what the Guinness draft beer produces – except it doesn’t taste as bitter and it does not contain alcohol. Even the way the Guinness beer cascades, when it’s poured into a glass, does happen with the nitro cold brew coffee.

Unfortunately, to make a glass of nitro cold brew coffee at home is not easy. And it can’t be done with a normal coffee maker – no matter how advance the coffee maker is. This is because nitro cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen.

Which is why, if you really want to make nitro cold brew coffee at home, you are going to need to buy this nitro cold brew coffee maker. It is developed by GrowlerWerks specifically for making nitro cold brew coffee. And yes, it has a nitro gas charger fitted inside of it to make it all happen.

On top of that, it’s also quite easy to make a batch of nitro cold brew coffee with it – each batch makes 50 ounces.

It does not require any batteries or electricity to work, it is portable (you can bring it anywhere with you) and it looks stylish.