Easy T-Shirt Folder


If you think about it long enough, doing the laundry is not something that’s hard to do. All that’s needed to be done is put the dirty clothes into the washing machine and let it run for an hour or so for the clothes to be nice and cleaned up. If the washing machine also has a drier, then, you can dry the clothes one shot without having to hang it up outdoors.

The difficult thing about doing the laundry is the part where you need to fold the clothes one by one. It’s quite troublesome. And there isn’t any machine that folds the clothes for you. Fortunately, there is this BoxLegend V3 folding board. It allows you to fold t-shirts in just 3 simple steps. Just place a t-shirt on the board and flip the boards according to the instructions and voila, it’s folded. The best part about it is that it only takes 3 seconds to get it folded using the board.

It can also be used for shirts and polo tees.

There are five color options available; black, blue, green, orange and red.

Now, all we need is a folding board for pants and underwears. Let’s just be patient and wait for someone to invent it.