Electric Mug Warmer


Do you know what’s sad about life? Making a hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning and before we take a sip, the hot cup is a cold cup.

The only cure for the sadness is this electric mug warmer. It is able to keep the cup hot for as long as you like.

There are three temperature settings; keep the cup warm at a constant 40 degrees Celsius, keep the cup warm at a constant 55 degrees Celsius or 65 degrees Celsius.

On top of that, it has auto shut off functionality – it shuts off automatically after 4 hours in use. But of course, there is a button to turn it off manually.

Not only you can place a cup on it to keep it warm, but you can also place a mug, stainless steel cup or any other heat-resistant drinking containers.

It has three types of design to choose from; full black version, imitation wood grain version, and full white version.