Electrocuting Potato


I find the hot potato game to be very boring. Unless there are some tequila shots involved in the game. For example, when the music stops, the person holding the potato (or any other object) should do a shot – it sounds more fun than just having the person to be eliminated. Or, if you and friends don’t consume alcohol, daring the person to do something terrible sounds fun too.

Another way to make the game fun is by using this electrocuting potato as the object to be tossed around. It looks like a potato and it will give out electric shocks from time to time. The idea is to electrically shock the “lucky” person.

This thing has three modes:

  • Lame mode: This mode is meant for playing with kids. It will only produce music and when the music stops, there will not be any electric shock generated.
  • Normal mode: This mode is for adults. It produces music and when the music stops, there will be electric shock generated.
  • Extreme mode: This mode is also for adults. There’s no music but there will be electric shock generated.

To make the game even more fun, you can use this toy as the object and on top of that, the person who got electrocuted will have to do a tequila shot or a dare or both. Mwahahahaha!

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