Fuck No and Fuck Yeah Decision Making Coin


Say goodbye to average coins for coin flipping and say hello to Fuck No and Fuck Yeah coin. It looks like a coin, it feels like a coin, but it’s not a coin that can be used for monetary transactions. That’s because on the front it says Fuck No and on the back, it says Fuck Yeah. And there’s a middle finger as well.

This coin is specifically developed for coin flipping and it’s delivered in a well-packaged container.

You can use this coin to make all sort of decisions. An example would be when making a decision on whether to go to the cinema or not. Let fate decide and flip this coin. If you get Fuck No, don’t go and if you get Fuck Yeah, go.

This coin is gold in color and it measures 1.54 inch in diameter. It’s a little heavy too which as a result feels good to flip it.

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