Gigantic Unicorn Swimming Pool Float


This gigantic unicorn swimming pool float is meant to be floating like a Loch Ness Monster on a lake. However, unlike a Loch Ness Monster, you and your friends can actually sit on it and have a couple of beers while enjoying the beautiful view the lake has to offer.

This float also has some cup holders on it which can be used to set down the beers. On top of that, it has a cooling station which can be used to keep the beers cold the entire evening with some ice cubes.

A maximum of 6 people with a combined weight of up to 1320 pounds can chill on this float in a given time.

The downside about it is that you will regret buying it after the first time you use it as you realize that it takes a lot of effort to set it up and it takes a lot of effort to store it after using it.