How to Properly Tell Someone to Go Eat Shit and Actually Get Him/Her to Eat Shit


The only way to pull this off is by buying this edible chocolate that is made to look like human shit and have it sent to that someone. The chocolate is placed in a box along with the writings “EAT SHIT”. Hopefully, the person you bought it for eats it – only then you have successfully told someone to go eat shit and at the same time get him/her to eat shit.

The company that produces this will ship it for you and at the same time keep your information confidential. This way, you can easily have it sent to your boss, or anyone else you think should eat shit and not leave any trail back to you.

Although you are actually treating him/her because the chocolate tastes good, the satisfaction of telling him/her to eat shit and actually get him/her to eat shit is actually much greater.

Btw, you can also tell someone to go eat a dick and actually get him/her to eat a dick with this edible chocolate dick.

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