Goat Horn Coffee Mug


Apparently, the first person to discover coffee is an Ethiopian goatherder who goes by the name Kaldi. He observed one of his goats was nibbling on some berries in a bush and the goat became more energetic right after. So, he ate the berries and he also finds himself energetic. He then brought it to an Islamic monk but the Islamic monk thought that it’s ridiculous for a berry to make a man or a goat become energetic. So the monk threw the berry into a fire – from which a nice aroma billowed.

The monk quickly gathers the burnt berries, ground it up and dissolve it into hot water to give it a taste. And that’s how coffee was discovered.

But all credits should go to the goat for the courage of having to nibble on some unknown berries in a bush and sacrifice its non-energetic soul.

The only way to pay tribute for the uncredited goat is to drink coffee out of this goat horn coffee mug. It is shaped like a goat horn. It comes with two straps, one short strap for carrying it around on your hand and one long strap for carrying it across your front or back like a warrior. Both straps are made out of real leather. It also has a leather holder fitted around the horn which can be removed to work as a stand for the mug when you want to place it on a flat surface.