Here’s Everything You Need to Hand-Roll a Cannabis Cigarette


The first time hand-rolling a cannabis cigarette is really difficult. It’s like the first time we find ourself riding a bike. But, once we get the hang of it, we thrive to make it the best hand-rolling experience and at the same time, we thrive to make it the best hand-rolled cannabis cigarette.

Like they say, to be the best, we’ve got to learn from the best and we’ve got to use the best set of tools. Learning wise, we have thousands of YouTube videos published which we can use as a guide. And tools wise, we got this set of tools here which I think is everything we need to hand-roll the best cannabis cigarette.

What’s included in the set is a mini tray which can be used as the base to roll the cigarette. As most of us know, cannabis can spread everywhere when it’s being rolled. So, this mini tray really helps to keep things need and tidy. On the other hand, the seller offers 12 different mini tray designs to choose from. The one featured in the picture here is a mini tray that looks like the Nintendo NES Classic Edition controller. There’s a tie-dye design, there’s a hippie van design, there’s a retro palms design and more.

Other than that, there’s a 110mm roller by RAWthentic, there’s a king-size rolling papers by RAWthentic, there’s a pre-rolled tips by RAWthentic and there’s an airtight tube which can be used to store the hand-rolled cannabis cigarette so that you can slide it in your pocket or stash it anywhere and keep it in pristine shape.