Hold On We’re Probably Not Wearing Pants Doormat

One of the many lessons to be learned from the coronavirus lockdown is that video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Google Meet and many others should implement a new feature called the “Hold On I’m Probably Not Wearing Pants”. The feature prevents a video conference from happening until a full-body scan is performed on everyone. The host will be the first to receive the full-body scan before being able to make the call and followed by the other participants. Even if some participants joined the call while not wearing pants, the video will be a blank screen with a message that says  “Hold On I’m Probably Not Wearing Pants” until the participants go through and pass the full-body scan.

Pretty much like this doormat, whereby when a visitor rings the bell, the visitor will see “Hold On We’re Probably Not Wearing Pants” until someone with some pants on answers the door. If that someone is not going to put on pants and answer the door, then why would he or she use this doormat, right? In other words, this new feature should also be optional and only the host can enable or disable it.

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