How to Dry Your Dishes if Your Sink Don’t Have a Dish Drying Section


If the sink in your kitchen is a type of sink that does not have a dish drying section, you are going to need this roll-up dish drying rack. As the name sounds, this is something which can be rolled up and stored somewhere when it’s not in use.

The way to use it is by rolling it open and placing it on one side of your sink so that you can put your wet plates and bowls on it for drying – and the water from the wet plates and bowls will conveniently drip down to the sink. However, you will need to measure your sink before getting it as I’m afraid it will not fit your sink – it measures 52cm long and 33.3cm wide.

But aside from its nifty functionality, it is also something that lasts long. That’s because it’s made out of quality materials and it’s rust-resistant + heat-resistant (up to 204°C).