How to Easily Make a Mountain of Fries


Fries that are made from scratch not only taste better but they are also fluffier on the inside compared to frozen fries. However, the process of making fries from scratch is not easy. You will need to cut the potato into sticks, after that you will need to soak them in cold water for a couple of hours, and only then you can begin the frying process. Even the frying process is a little time consuming considering the fact that you will need to fry it twice in order to achieve a very crispy skin.

But then again, the effort pays off.

And fortunately, there are certain tools that are made to make the process of frying fries from scratch a little easier. An example of a tool is this potato cutter. It easily transforms a whole potato into fries. Just put the potato inside the designated area and followed by pushing the handle downwards (like when you are arm-wrestling with someone) and the potato will go through some square-shaped blades to form perfectly shaped fries. And you can repeat the process as many times to make a mountain of fries if you’ve got a whole family to feed.

This thing is not cheaply built. It’s made out of cast iron and packs some serious weight to it. Underneath are some strong suction cups that really holds the surface to avoid any slippery situations while you’re at it.

Btw, you should not put your dick in this thing.