How To Feel Safer When You Are Staying In A Hotel Or In An Airbnb Room


When you stay in a hotel room or in an Airbnb room, safety is not guaranteed. This is because you don’t know who else is having the key or the access card to your room. Which is why you are going to need this additional lock which allows you to lock from the inside and only you have the power to unlock it.

The way it works is very similar to a security door chain. Imagine a security door chain that can be attached to a door and detached whenever needed – that’s what it is. The good news is that you don’t need to drill it into a door every time you need to use it, you will just need to claw the steel body into the strike plate of a door, close the door and use the other part of it (red triangular-shaped handle) to attach to the steel body and at the same time grip the door. That’s it – the door will be locked from the inside.

See the screenshot below if the explanation above confuses you.

It works on all types of doors and it’s small enough to bring it anywhere you go.