How to Get Ice Cubes Into a Mineral Water Bottle


Unless you have all the time in the world to wait for the ice cubes to melt into a smaller size before placing them into the mineral water bottle, you are going to need to get this. It’s an ice tray that creates stick-shaped ice (A.K.A. ice stick). The ice sticks that are made with this tray can easily slide into mineral water bottles or any other bottle types that have a small opening.

Other than that, this tray also has a silicone lid which is quite rare to be seen in most ice trays. Closing the silicone lid and smoothening the surface of the lid with your hand will get rid of the excess water that’s in the tray so that the lid seals the top properly, also ensuring the ice sticks come out in equal sizes. And when the lid seals the top properly, it will magically stick to the surface of the tray like glue preventing water in the tray to leak out no matter which angle you hold it in.