How to Keep Your Man Jewels Dry


Keeping your man jewels dry is more important than you think. It prevents chafing, itching, sticking, bad smell and overall, it prevents an uncomfortable walk and prevents germs from infesting the area. Five ways to keep your man jewels dry.

  1. Wear a boxer that breathes such as a boxer with mesh so that air can go in to keep them nice and cool.
  2. If you are a kind of person who wears briefs, it has to be made out of moisture-wicking material so that it absorbs the moisture.
  3. Carry an extra pair of briefs or boxers and a towel if your man jewels sweat easily. Wash your man jewels, dry them with the towel and change to the extra pair when you got through half of the day.
  4. Apply some powder that is aluminum-free and talc-free. This type of powder refresh the skin and absorb the moisture.
  5. Or apply this lotion that is also aluminum-free and talc-free. After applying the lotion, it dries off as cooling, silky powder. And the fact that it’s aluminum-free and talc-free keeps your man jewels nice and dry by absorbing all the moisture.