How to Look Like You Have Gained 100 Pounds


If you ever find yourself wondering how you would look like if you have gained 100 pounds, take a step back from whatever you are going to stuff your mouth with and buy this mask instead. That’s because wearing this mask will instantaneously make you look like you have gained 100 pounds.

The mask is only meant for the bottom half of your face. It features a fatty cheek and a huge double chin.

It has two elastic straps to be mounted on your ears. And wearing it will sort of blend in with your face and make you look like the fatter version of you.

Just don’t be surprised if your friends or family members couldn’t recognize you after wearing it.

However, as you can see, it is only meant for white skin. If there is a similar version for black skin, yellow skin, brown skin or whatever, I will be sure to update this section.

Note: Wearing it with a pair of glasses will hide the line where the mask meets the face – making it look more real.