How to Make a 2.5 Inch Diameter Round-Shaped Ice


About a month ago, I found a product that allows you to make four round-shaped ice at a time. You can check the product out over here. The way to make round-shaped ice with it is quite easy. There are four holes on top of the tray which you need to use to fill up the water. Then, store the tray into the freezer for a couple of hours. After a couple of hours, due to the round-shaped mold on the inside of the tray, the ice will be round-shaped.

While the purpose of this product is similar to the one mentioned above, this one makes bigger round-shaped ice. That product makes round-shaped ice that is 1.78 inch in diameter and this one makes 2.5 inches in diameter. The way to make the round-shaped ice with this one is also a little different. You will need to open the lid, pour the water inside and close the lid before storing it in the freezer. The downside with it is that this one makes one round-shaped ice at a time. On the plus side, they are sold in a set of 2.

So when it comes to choosing between both round-shaped ice maker, size and quantity matters. You will have to be the boss and make a decision.

Tip: Use filtered water for clean and clear round-shaped ice.