How to Properly Attend a House Party


I had my fair share of fun back in college by attending house parties that are held by many mutual college friends. However, I do have some regrets. For example, having a serious-relationship girlfriend during those times is one of my regrets. If I don’t have a girlfriend, I would probably have slept with a variety of girls in my life. Sigh.

Another regret is that I have not come across this six-pack fanny pack those times. If only I had come across it, I will be rocking it at every single house parties that I attend. And I can imagine whipping out a beer can and cracking it open like the way a cowboy whips out his revolver.

Anyways, the past is the past. And it can’t be altered. But if you who are reading this is still at a young age to attend house parties, you should get this, get a six-pack and attend a house party. If you are a guy, I think you will score a girl because according to my wife, some girls are into guys who do weird stuff like this. And if you are a girl, I think you will score a guy because every guy I know finds a girl who likes drinking beer to be sexy.

This six-pack fanny pack is not all about it’s looks either. The beer holders are insulated which keeps the beers cold throughout the party. And, you can also fit beer bottles inside, in case, beer cans are not your thing. Other than that, there are some storage compartments for you to store your cash, keys and phone and the strap can be adjusted to fit any waist size.