How to Properly Shred a Pork Roast


I’m no Guy Fieri when it comes to BBQ meat. And I’m no Myron Mixon either. But, something in me tells me that this particular tool is something that all BBQ meat chefs should have.

This tool which looks like wolverine claws allows you to easily shred a pork roast or any other roast meat faster than doing it with a pair of fork. On top of that, it takes lesser effort to shred the meat due to the sharp edges and the ergonomic handle. And it just feels right to use a pair of this compared to a pair of fork because of the size which complements the size of a roast.

Other than that, this thing is built to last too. It’s made out of strong nylon which is capable of handling heat of up to 475 degrees.

And yes, it can also be used to fight a monster.