How to Properly Smoke a Cigarette While You’re in the Swimming Pool


Smoking is fun, it’s stress-relieving, it’s cool, and it helps you die faster (which if you look on the bright side, is a good thing. You get to meet God faster than most of your friends).

Anyways, if you are a kind of person who smokes in a swimming pool very often, you will notice that the tobacco near the cigarette bud will get wet due to your wet fingers. How do I know this? I’m a swimming pool smoker too, my friend. And I find this to be very annoying. First of all, it’s a waste of money considering that I can’t smoke every single tobacco in the cigarette. Second of all, smoking a cigarette that has a wet bud sort of gives me a headache (I’m not sure whether it’s only me or there is a chemical reaction that causes the headache).

The only solution for this problem is this stainless steel cigarette holder. It holds the cigarette for me and I can smoke without getting it wet. It’s also extendable so that I can keep my wet fingers as far as possible from it.

It comes with a nice compact tube case. I can shorten the cigarette holder and store in it safely when I’m done using.