How to Properly Store a Hand-Rolled Cannabis Cigarette


Speaking from the point of view of an occasional stoner, these colorful plastic tubes (9 of them) will come in very handy to store those hand-rolled cannabis cigarettes. Here are some reasons why:

  • It keeps the cigarette to be in the pristine shape as it was rolled no matter where you decide to stash it in.
  • It’s waterproof. So, if you accidentally drop it in the water or you got yourself wet in the rain, the cigarette stays nice and dry.
  • It doesn’t smell due to the airtight cap.

Other than that, they look quite cool too with the colorful caps and the funny message on each tube. However, if you don’t like the funny message, you can easily peel it off as it’s just a sticker and it will not leave any residue.

Size wise, it’s 5 and a half inches tall (about the length of a pen). And it’s thick enough to fit a blunt.