How to Protect Your Fingers While Chopping and Dicing an Ingredient


You can either watch this six-minutes-long video on how to chop and dice cooking ingredients or you can watch this easy and quick tutorial by Gordon Ramsay on how to finely chop an onion before actually putting what you have learned to good use. However, none of the guides guarantee that you will not accidentally cut your finger.

With this finger guard, you can ignore the teachings by the cooking masters, fix it on your middle finger and get right to chopping or dicing without having to worry of accidentally cutting your finger. It is designed to be the shield for your fingers while you are dealing with a sharp knife on the other hand.

Not only it protects your fingers, but it also gives you this boost of confidence when it comes to handling a knife because you know that your fingers are protected. And it also allows you to chop and dice much faster than usual.

Suitable for both righty and lefty.