How to Safely Wear a Hair Tie Around Your Wrist


According to this article here by Allure, having a hair tie around your wrist is not something healthy to do. The article mentioned that hair ties could pick up bacteria and cause infection to the wrist. It also says that some hair ties may cause a cut to the wrist due to it constantly rubbing a single area.

Which is why I recommend getting and using this hair tie bracelet by Savi Style to safely have a hair tie around your wrist without any infections and cuts. It allows you to store a hair tie in between the bracelet nice and neatly. As a result, it blocks the hair tie from touching your wrist.

On the other hand, this bracelet is made out of silicone which makes it waterproof and sweatproof (making it suitable to be worn during sports or outdoor activities). And it’s super comfortable to wear unlike how some hair tie cuts off the supply of blood to the hand.

Note: This bracelet comes in three different sizes. It comes with one hair tie fitted in between it (totally removable and replaceable with your own hair tie). It comes in four colors; coral reef, maui violet, south beach nude, and tulum caribbean.