How to Stand a Longer Time Without Hurting Your Feet and Your Back


Let’s face it, life could not go on without standing. However, there are some things that need a longer standing time. And this longer standing time is what causes our feet and back to ache. An example of longer standing time is when we are doing the dishes. Another example is when we are shaving (for the men).

But I’m pretty sure the above are not the only chores that require us to stand for a long time.

Some of you stand for a long time because your job is designed in such a way. For example, if you are a baker, then standing is probably what you will be doing all day long.

There are three solutions I have discovered to how we humans can stand for a long time and at the same time not have our feet and back to ache.

#numberone – Wear a very very comfortable pair of shoes.

#numbertwo – Hire someone to do the chores or work for you.

#numberthree – Buy this comfortable mat and stand on it instead of standing barefoot on a hard surface. This mat is made out of premium durable foam which makes you feel like you are standing on feet heaven.

Available in many different sizes.