How to Stop Your Kid From Slamming the Door Shut


Yelling at the kid so that he/she stop slamming the door shut will never get him/her to stop doing it. This is because he/she does it to get on your nerves as it is sort of a payback for whatever reason you have scolded him/her.

With this foam, you get to stop the slamming once and for all. Sneakily fit it at the top of the door where he/she can’t reach it and he/she will never know where the slamming part of the door went. Besides, it’s also good for him/her as it prevents the door from accidentally squishing his/her fingers and cause injuries. And it also prevents him/her from accidentally locking him/herself in a room.

It fits on most type of doors and it is sold in a pack of four so you can have all the doors in your house slamproof. Peace of mind for you and the kid does not win an argument by simply slamming the door shut.