How to Store Your Earphones Tangle-Free


I’m fully aware of the fact that earphones nowadays are manufactured wireless and that some earphones that have wires come with its own casing so that it can be stored tangle-free. But what about earphones that are not wireless and at the same time does not come with its own casing? That’s what I’m here for – to provide a tangle-free solution for those people who own a pair of none-wireless earphones which does not come with a proper casing.

The tangle-free solution is this CableYoyo. The way it works is in its name – CableYoyo – simply wind the wire from the earphones to it like a yoyo and once you reached the end of the wires, stick the earphones to the outer midsection of it as it’s magnetic which locks the earphones in place. After that’s done, you can store it in your bag or anywhere and you can expect it to be tangle-free at all times.

When it’s time to use it, simply remove the earphones from the magnetic section, put a finger through the midsection and pull the earphones all the way so that the CableYoyo spins like a yoyo and at the same time releases the wire in one smooth motion.

Watch this video here by Drew Pickens for better visualization on how it works.