How to Unclog the Bathtub Drain with $5.28


Does your bathtub gets flooded whenever you take a shower in it? If the answer is yes, you are going to need to spend $5.28 and get this curled up millipede looking thing (A.K.A. Drain Millipede).

To get it to work, you will need to extend it so that it looks like a stick and after that, you will need to stick it down the bathtub drain. Due to the fact that it’s covered with velcro sort of material, the hair that is clogged in the drain will stick on it like a magnet. You can pull it out, remove the hair and repeat the process until your bathtub drain is no longer clogged.

Trust me, $5.28 is way cheaper than hiring yourself a plumber to come and do the job. On top of that, you can use it many times and you can even use it on the bathroom sink.