How to Confidently Use Your Smartphone with Only One Hand


Say hello to LoveHandle, an elastic handle which you supposedly stick on the back of your smartphone so that you can slide one or two of your fingers inside the handle to give you more grip when using your smartphone with one hand.

With it, you can use your smartphone with one hand steadily. You can take pictures, record a video, send text, send nudes or whatever with one hand and at the same time not worry about any unforeseen circumstances. Even if any unforeseen circumstances happen, causing you to let go of the smartphone, the smartphone will still be attached to your fingers, thanks to the handle. The handle uses a very strong adhesive (3M) to stick on the back of your smartphone so you don’t have to worry about it coming off either.

In other words, with LoveHandle, you can knock yourself out and use your smartphone confidently with one hand.

It’s available in 26 different designs.