Human Organ Lunch Bag


If you really want people in your workspace to stay away from your lunch, you are going to need this bag. It is a lunch bag with the words “Human Organ For Transplant” printed on it. Not only they will stay away from it, but they will also give you a stare that is priceless and well-worth the revenge (for those who have sneakily eaten your lunch in the past).

It also makes a good lunch bag even if no one is stealing your lunch. You will be known as the person with a human organ bag as a lunch bag.

The bag is made out of good quality material. On the inside, it’s foam-insulated and waterproof.

There’s also an organ donor ID tag on the inside which allows you to write your name, address, and email address.

Note: You can also use it to store a six-pack of beer cans.