Affordable Inflatable Kayak


An inflatable kayak has more benefits compared to a hardshell kayak.

Some of the benefits of an inflatable kayak include, easier to transport, easier to maintain and easier to store.

On top of all that, an inflatable kayak is more affordable.

And if you are wondering whether an inflatable kayak is capable of going through rough waters, the answer is yes and no. There are the ones that are capable and there are the ones that are not capable. You will have to check with the user manual. The ones that are not capable are usually meant for handling mild rivers, lake, and calm beach – like this Challenger K1 Kayak by Intex.

Priced only at $56, it comes with a paddle, a hi-output pump and a carry bag for you to store it and easily bring it around with you when you are done using it.

As you can see from the image, it also has a comfortable seat (removable) with a backrest.

It will be the best affordable kayak you will ever spend your money on.