Karaoke Stethoscope


Karaoke is fun. It’s stress-relieving and it also helps reduce heart disease and strokes.

Unfortunately, not everyone around you enjoys listening to you sing. Which is why this product exists. To allow you to sing karaoke anywhere and anytime without disturbing the people around you.

How it works is that you have to fix the earpiece that comes with it to your left ear and followed by singing through the cone-shaped device (you will have to make sure that you press the cone against your mouth to avoid the sound from escaping outside). Doing so, only you will be able to hear to your singing and no one else around you will be bothered. It works sort of like the stethoscope, but the sound does not enlarge in your ears – the sound you listen will be as large as you sing – if you shout in it, then it will be equivalent to you shouting in your own ear.

The cone can also be removed for occasional cleaning.

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