Magic 8-Bit Playing Cards

About two years ago, the popular Instagram profile known as physicsfun posted a short video called Pixelated Playing Cards and it went viral on Reddit. The video features 8-bit design playing cards which value disappears when brought close to the camera. As a result, many Redditors think that there’s no point in buying and using it to play poker.

However, as explained and presented by Chris Ramsay in this video here (3:50), the value of the card only disappears when there’s a light source at the back of it. When it’s observed closely without any light source at the back of it, the value of the card can still be seen. In other words, the way physicsfun brought the card close to the camera lens where it’s dark and leave the back of the card exposed to a light source tricked Redditors into thinking that the card can’t be observed closely.

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