How to Make a Ride in Coach Feel Like First Class


There are many ways to make a ride in coach feel like first class. Some of the ways which I personally recommend include:

  1. Bring some nice cheese or chocolate on board with you to indulge.
  2. Bring a neck pillow to avoid the neck bobbing situation.
  3. Bring a pair of earplugs to block all noises that disrupt sleep.

Other than that, I would also recommend bringing this footrest which is designed and developed by Sleepy Ride. This footrest can be attached to the tray table via the strap that comes with it. The idea is for you to rest both your feet on this footrest comfortably – picture it as a hammock for your feet. It will feel like resting your feet on a soft pillow because it’s made out of thick memory foam.

The length of the strap can also be adjusted so that you can have the footrest supporting your calves instead.

And trust me when I say that your long flights in coach will never feel more comfortable with this.

Note: It also works on a train or a bus (as long as there is a tray table attached at the back of the front seat).