Marshmallow/Sausage Roasting Stick Which Can Be Extended And Shortened


Before I came across this particular extendable roasting stick by Roast’Em, I came across many other brands that sell a similar version. However, unlike this one, the extendable roasting stick by other brands are cheaply made – they can easily snap into half when it’s fully extended.

This one is very sturdy. It feels sturdy holding it because of its wooden handle and the metal which can be extended is stainless steel and quite thick which prevents it from easily snapping in half. On top of that, the tip is sharp, unlike the others which are not sharp because apparently they were designed to be kids-friendly (seriously!? I don’t think kids these days are violent enough to go around stabbing other kids while doing something they very much enjoy doing).

Other bragging features besides its sturdiness is it’s rotating feature. Just right above the wooden handle is a rotating sort of screw which allows you (and kids) to easily rotate the marshmallows or sausages at the other end using just the thumb so that the goods are roasted evenly.

It comes in a set of 5 and a free good quality case is included to store them all in one place after use. On top of that, there are plastic tips included to cover the sharp ends to avoid it poking out from the case.

The length of it when it’s fully extended is 34 inches. And when it’s fully shortened, it’s 10 inches. You can easily adjust it to any length between 10 and 34 in order to keep you and kids a safe distance from the fire.