M&M’s Launcher

Sorry folks. This M&M’s launcher is not for sale.

Apparently, it’s not for sale because it’s a fun project carried out by Emiel in his YouTube channel called The Practical Engineer. And as you can see, the project is a success. He even published a video which walks through the whole process of making the M&M’s launcher.

What it does is that it will launch an M&M into mid-air when the button is pushed. It’s supposed to be placed on a work desk so that when you need an M&M in your system, simply push the button and try to catch it using just your mouth – of course, the launcher has to be angled so that when the M&M is launched, it goes towards your mouth.

But then again, this product is not for sale. Unless you somehow convinced Emiel to sell this one and only to you.

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