Muddy Bites

Some shortcuts are not meant to be taken because it does not make the journey worthwhile.

A good example is this bite-size chocolate-filled waffle cones called Muddy Bites. It is inspired by the cherry on top of the Cornetto ice cream cone which is the chocolate filling found at the bottom of the cone. The question is why only eat the cherry on top when everything under the cherry is as good as the cherry? It’s like going to a good movie when it’s about to end.

In short, the Muddy Bites is a shortcut that you should avoid at all cost but if you really can’t help yourself for the sake of trying it, the Cornetto mini is the way to do it. In fact, the Cornetto mini is a good example of a shortcut that is meant to be taken because although it is shorter it does not affect the full Cornetto experience.

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