Nintendo Switch Glass Screen Protector


Protect the screen of your Nintendo Switch from cracks and scratches by installing this glass screen protector that is developed especially for Nintendo Switch. Many Switch users have claimed that this glass screen protector has absorbed cracks and scratches that are meant to happen on the main screen.

One of the users who goes by the name M.K. Lake said, “This morning was half asleep moving my items around and dropped the Switch from chest height onto slate rock. I was mortified. I picked it up and saw scratches and cracks and lost my darn mind. (I’ve had the switch since around launch when I got this protector for it) I sat down and peeled it away. It was what got scratched and dented etc, the rest of my switch is fine I’m ordering another pack right now and I am going to be more careful in the future.”

This screen protector is easy to install by yourself as it comes with an installation manual, alcohol cleaning wipe and dust removal sticker to clean the screen before installing it. There’s also a video that walks you through the steps.

2 screen protectors included in the package.